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"I'm so glad I attended the Body Presence Workshop. It helped me find a bridge between my acting and dance training. I would definitely recommend this to any emerging musical theatre artist -
this kind of work is integral!"

"Matthew is amazing! He is so passionate in what he does, and is really knowledgeable. His workshops are really well rounded, and allow you to explore new things with connecting to your body and vulnerability, then giving you time to apply it! I've done two of his workshops now, and have learnt something new each time!"

BODY PRESENCE aims to refine the interplay between internal sensation with external movement for the musical theatre performer. Simply, how can an actor FEEL the WORDS they're MOVING?

Building community in a safe space of exploration, BPW cultivates the tools needed for an actor to synthesize and embody choreography with authentic impulse and personal connection. A process-based technique, BPW explores the integration of Linklater-based VOICE and SPEECH pedagogy, using contemporary musical theatre TEXT, with AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT, YOGA, IMAGE, and CHOREOGRAPHY.

** BPW can be applied to ALL texts, as well as styles and dance forms. **

Matthew Rossoff (Founder & Educator) is a Broadway performer with a passion for bringing holistic approaches into the actor process. With an MFA in Performance, a certified yogi and an associate faculty member of Canada's National Voice Intensive, Matthew brings a unique actor investigation of curiosity and play to discovering authentic whole body presence while learning choreography and dancing up a storm.

Previous BODY PRESENCE WORKSHOPS include Randolph College for the Performing Arts, St. Lawrence College, York University, Capilano University, and Metro Movement.
Let's Connect!
For more information & workshop bookings in both the US and Canada, contact Matthew at | 647.981.7518 | IG @bodypresenceworkshop
I look forward to collaborating with you soon!

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